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Author: Bob Janssen, Founder and CTO

The Future of Enterprise Technology Is Now: Is IT Ready?

December 23, 2015

Trend articles are dangerous. We can lock ourselves into a cycle of touting the next new trend, hoping for something game-changing to happen. But in reality, we find that everything stays much as it was a year later. As someone who writes “trend” articles every year, I want to raise « Read More

Extending the App Volumes Ecosystem with RES

November 23, 2015

In our digital economy every worker’s career journey is increasingly centered around the apps they use each day. What they do with those apps is to a great extent how today’s workers deliver value. Which means the delivery of apps at just the right time, configured for the individual needs of each worker, is a crucial element of business value. And here’s another: with security needs ramping up every year, the ability to revoke access to apps has become just as important and, in its own way, valuable to the business as the use of those apps. « Read More

Organizations Need Disruptive Innovation to Survive

September 8, 2015

When Airbnb threatens to become the largest hotelier within just a few years, and you own a large hotel chain – what do you do? When an innovator like Tesla begins to turn the auto industry upside down, and you have hundreds of billions invested in traditional manufacturing plants – « Read More

Introducing RES ONE – A Video by Bob Janssen

June 15, 2015

RES Founder and CTO, Bob Janssen, personally introduces RES ONE to the world in this video blog. RES ONE unifies the way the workforce, business & IT use tech to deliver more value to their customers and competitive advantage to their businesses. « Read More

RES Software Nederland named a Great Place to Work 2015

March 25, 2015

We are pleased to announce that RES Software Nederland was named a Best Place to Work 2015 by Great Place to Work® Netherlands. A recognition earned directly from the feedback of RES Software employees. Every year, the highest scoring organizations are distinguished as Best Workplaces in the Netherlands. Great Place « Read More

The RES IT Store, We’re Just Getting Started

September 3, 2014

In this video blog, RES Software Founder and CTO, Bob Janssen, discusses many of the successes achieved since the launch of the RES IT Store and plans for RES IT Store Feature Release 2. You can watch it on YouTube here. сайта « Read More

Patent Granted! Bob Janssen Snapshot Intelligence Video Blog

May 22, 2014

A few weeks ago we announced that RES Software was granted United States patent 8,683,018 for our Snapshot Intelligence technology. We are achieving milestones as a company and I want to share this excitement with you, our inspiration. Here is my personal message to you… To learn more about how « Read More

RES Software Solutions Not Affected by Heartbleed Bug

April 16, 2014

You may have read in the media about serious security vulnerability in the OpenSSL libraries nicknamed “Heartbleed”. About Heartbleed The following is a snippet from heartbleed.com on the Heartbleed bug. The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. This weakness allows stealing the information « Read More