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Author: Dave Bryant, Director of Product Management

Using RES Virtual Desktop Extender with VMware PCoIP

September 5, 2012

Introduction RES Virtual Desktop Extender (VDX) is compatible with VMware View including both protocols, Microsoft RDP and VMware PC-over-IP (PCoIP). Installation RES VDX requires the installation of the VMware Virtual Printing option during the VMware View Agent install as shown in the screenshot below. This is required in order for « Read More

Dynamic E-mail Signatures

September 5, 2012

Introduction RES Workspace Manager has provided the unique ability to provide context aware Outlook E-Mail Signatures. This allows a more customized Outlook e-mail signatures and has the ability to fill in information if it exists for a particular user while allowing the IT administrator to not have to worry about « Read More

Securing User Data on Shared Devices with RES Workspace Manager

September 5, 2012

Introduction Typically, only one user will use a desktop or laptop, but sometimes these devices are used by multiple people. These types of devices require an additional level of security compared to traditional single user devices due to the fact that it contains multiple users’ data. Enter in RES Workspace « Read More