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Author: RES Software

Reflecting on CAMP IT

January 29, 2015

Just before the Thanksgiving Day holiday, I delivered a presentation to a group of IT professionals at the CAMP IT ITSM conference in Chicago, Illinois. Many of the attendees that I spoke to were either in the process of setting up a Service Management Office at their company or, having « Read More

Re-Inventing the Healthcare Wheel around the World

December 29, 2014

By: Doug Coombs Guest Blogger BORED! Generally, I try to start a blog with an entertaining story, metaphor, or both. In this case it came together a bit differently, so please don’t let the first 150 words or so stop you from getting to the interesting metaphor below. Over the « Read More

Resolving the Healthcare Service Desk Conundrum

December 3, 2014

By: Ward Priestman Healthcare IT Consultant, Priestman Consulting Technology can be incredibly frustrating when it is out of step with evolving user requirements. For hospitals, dealing with challenges over printing issues, accessing records, and login faults can be excruciating; not to mention the additional pain points of requesting software and hardware « Read More

The More Things Change…A Healthcare IT Story

November 5, 2014

By: Doug Coombs Guest Blogger I risk revealing a couple of things about myself in this blog like my age and my embarrassing television habits. However, as I sit on my sofa, the guilty pleasure of multi-generational pop-culture playing on my screen, I realize that there is a message worth « Read More

Healthcare IT and Empowering the End User in an NHS World

September 30, 2014

By: Ward Priestman Healthcare IT Consultant, Priestman Consulting If ever you needed proof that the Government’s Tech Fund was having a positive impact on healthcare organisations’ engagement with technology, this year’s Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology Expo (HETT) was it. A lot busier than previous years, IT professionals and clinicians alike were « Read More

RES Workspace Manager “Installation on Demand”

September 25, 2014

By: Rene van der Linden renevdlinden.nl In a RES Workspace Manager environment it is easy to present an application to an end user (Identity). Most of the time, the challence is to install the application on the Laptop / Desktop. There needs to be consistency between the application deliverd and « Read More

MDT and RES Automation Manager – Let’s come together (in Sweet Harmony)

September 24, 2014

By: Rens Hollanders renshollanders.nl More and more I encounter companies who already own a distribution mechanism, or already have implemented the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and are looking for a distribution mechanism or deployment mechanism. Since MDT is free to use, and RES Automation Manager costs a fraction of the cost « Read More

Display Logon Message with RES Workspace Manager

September 22, 2014

By: Rene van der Linden renevdlinden.nl In the case of implementing changes to your RES Workspace Manager 2012 and higher (RES WM) Environment, you need to inform your users what is changing for them. You can publish a message on your Intranet or send a mail to your end users, but you won”t « Read More

RES Workspace Manager – Inject Java Security level for users

September 17, 2014

By: Rens Hollanders renshollanders.nl Today I encountered a challenge which I think needed to be shared with you all. Currently I’m working with other colleagues on building a brand new Citrix XenApp 7.5 environment based on Server 2012 R2 x64 in combination with RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR1, together with « Read More

Automated XenDesktop 7.5 Build with RES AM

September 5, 2014

By: Max Ranzau www.resguru.com From the BuildingBlock Dept. You may recall a couple of years ago that I published a RES Automation Manager buildingblock for Citrix Xen Desktop 5.5, XA and PVS.  Today it’s my pleasure to publish a new buildingblock that will do the same for Xen Desktop 7.5. It’s « Read More