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Notes from the Road 15 at TechEd Europe – Private Cloud vs. Data Center

June 28, 2012

Here at TechEd Europe, it’s been impossible to escape discussions surrounding the private cloud. Sessions are jam packed of IT admins deciding what their next move will be to prepare their organization for the move from their current data center to the private cloud. Based on the conversations I’ve heard « Read More

Notes from the road – 14 – Reflecting Back on MMS 2012

May 1, 2012

MMS has left Las Vegas… for Good? As we closed the expo doors on another Microsoft Management Summit and shut off the lights, I have to wonder if this will be the last trip to the strip for a long time to come. Rumors were abundant this year that MMS « Read More

Notes from the Road 12 – SAM Competency: Mission Accomplished

April 10, 2012

Achieving SAM competency by Microsoft is an important milestone for RES Software, and marks the first time a vendor within the user environment management space has received this official recognition from Microsoft. SAM I am and I do not like green… It’s not often that I get to step to « Read More

Notes from the Road 11 – Microsoft User Experience Virtualization

April 4, 2012

Park City; It’s not just for skiing anymore. I think the best way to start this latest NFR blog is with a hearty congratulations to my old colleagues and friends at Microsoft. Earlier today they announced the much anticipated official Beta of a project code named “Park City”, or officially « Read More

Notes From The Road 10 – Citrix XenDesktop 5.6

March 12, 2012

Spring has sprung, the flowers are blooming and Citrix is releasing the newest version of XenDesktop. Is there any better time of the year? I was at a gathering of over 250 seasoned Citrix customers and partners in LA learning about the newest virtualization technologies and strategies available. The west « Read More

Notes from the Road – Part 9: Microsoft Tech Ready 14

February 24, 2012

Home away from home. I think it a rare occurrence when someone could have had multiple careers like I have, yet one thing remains the same; my frequent trips to the Microsoft campus in Redmond Washington. I would say that I started coming here with a steady frequency back in « Read More

Notes From The Road – Part 8: The XenDesktop PoC Runbook

January 31, 2012

When you live in Boston, and it’s the middle of January, how do you tell your wife and the mother of your 4 sons that you have to go to Orlando, Florida, Disney World, for work? If you’re like me, you don’t. You send her a text and leave in « Read More

Notes From The Road – Part 7 … Product Certifications Deliver Confidence

January 23, 2012

Are you certifiable? As I sit in my hotel room at the Park Hotel in the heart of beautiful Amsterdam, pondering my “Tim Tebow-ian” lifestyle, my mind turns to the subject of certifications. What else would I think about in Amsterdam? This is a subject I have gained a lot « Read More

Notes from the Road Part 6: Escape from LA…Flashback to the Beginning of the RES Software and App-V Partnership

December 7, 2011

By Sean Donahue, Senior Director Global Alliance Marketing I have been with RES Software for 6 months now,  and while sitting in my room at the Marriott at yet another Citrix user event,  my thoughts turn to somewhat reflective and even melancholy. You see, when someone leaves the sanctity of « Read More

Notes from the Road Part 5: Citrix Synergy Barcelona

October 26, 2011

By: Sean Donahue Hello again from another Synergy. This one, however, is Synergy EMEA in Barcelona. The clouds have parted, the torrential downpours from earlier in the week have ended, the sun is shining and so is a new day in hosted desktops from Citrix. Today, I am pleased to « Read More