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Welcome to the RES Technical Blog

The RES Technical Blog offers strategies and industry insights on today’s and tomorrow’s innovation. The RES blog will provide the latest updates on RES solutions and services and tips on how best to maximize your RES investment.

RES Software named finalist in the Citrix Ready Solution of the Year Award competition

May 3, 2010

Last week, RES Software was named a finalist in the Citrix Ready Solution of the Year Award competition. We’re very excited about this award and the recognition from Citrix. We have been a strong Citrix partner for many years through both the Citrix Ready program and the Citrix Business Alliance « Read More

How-to make exceptions to the global RES PowerFuse configuration for a group of users on the same or specific RES PowerFuse Agent?

April 22, 2010

When you have set RES PowerFuse as the default shell on a Workstation /Laptop or you have configured RES PowerFuse as an initial program to start when a user logs on to a Terminal Server, every user that will logon to that RES PowerFuse Agent will receive the same global « Read More

RES Software Lights Up Personal Desktops on Windows 7

April 20, 2010

CTO Bob Janssen of RES Software explains why his company supports the light up features in Windows 7, including Jump Lists. He describes what his company did to move user functionality from Windows XP. He tells ISV Architect Evangelist Bruce Kyle why it was important for RES Software to support « Read More

Join the DABCC Live Webinar on April 29th.

April 9, 2010

On April 29th, Douglas Brown, CEO and Founder of DABCC and Bob Janssen, co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of RES Software, will be demonstrating the new RES PowerFuse 2010 in a DABCC Live Webinar. Bob will walk you through the following features: New Management Console Improved Directory Services Desktop Transformation « Read More

What if you’re not sure which RES Wisdom Agent to schedule a job to?

April 4, 2010

One of our new colleagues over at R&D had a test environment that contained two machines that were almost identical but, for testing purposes, could never be online simultaneously. So he always had to shut down the one machine before he could fire up the other. He has a task « Read More

RES PowerFuse and Printing explained. Part 2 – Troubleshooting and in depth background

March 24, 2010

Printer issues, always fun…… yeah, if you know where to look for. I would like to describe how to troubleshoot printer issues, using RES PowerFuse settings and logging, give in depth information where to look for within user configuration files and user registry and much more to get you on « Read More

We’ve opened a YouTube Channel!

March 12, 2010

We opened our own YouTube channel this week. We hope to provide you with more and more information by using this blog and showing you our videos. Currently there are three videos available. They are pretty basic but there is more to come! Please subscribe to our channel and stay « Read More

RES PowerFuse 2010 upgrade test scenarios

March 4, 2010

This blog will be interesting if you already have a RES PowerFuse 2008 environment running and want to upgrade to RES PowerFuse 2010. Especially if you do not have a test environment running yet to test the upgrade. And of course explore the new possibilities, features and enhancements of RES « Read More

Moving from a RES PowerFuse 2010 test envioment to a RES PowerFuse 2010 production enviroment

March 4, 2010

You now know how to build a good RES PowerFuse 2010 test enviroment, you are probably thinking about moving toward RES PowerFuse 2010 in a production enviroment. So you and your (key) users have tested RES PowerFuse 2010 and even better your company and users have accepted this enviroment and « Read More

Some best practices to take care of with RES PowerFuse

February 11, 2010

Some best practices for RES PowerFuse: 1. To prevent a denial of access when opening the RES PowerFuse Management Console, create a seperate account, make it member of the build-in full Technical Manager role. Logon to the domain with this special account (only in case of emergency) and try to « Read More