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Welcome to the RES Technical Blog

The RES Technical Blog offers strategies and industry insights on today’s and tomorrow’s innovation. The RES blog will provide the latest updates on RES solutions and services and tips on how best to maximize your RES investment.

RES ONE Automation 2015 – Whats New

August 11, 2015

By: Rob Aarts http://www.robaarts.nl/ Tuesday 28 July RES Software released RES ONE Automation Manager 2015. For those who are already using RES AM. Here is a list off changes could be relevant for you: Microsoft Windows 10 support This release now has (official) support for Windows 10 Performance, performance….. even « Read More

RES ONE Workspace 2015 Now Available

August 10, 2015

Today we’re very proud to announce the availability of RES ONE Workspace 2015! This major release is full of amazing capabilities that help deliver more agility, mobility and security to today’s digital workspaces. Here are some key capabilities in RES ONE Workspace 2015. File Hash-Based Application Security Our Application Security « Read More

Fun in the Sun with UEM and Healthcare

August 4, 2015

It’s the dog days of summer and if anything says fun in the sun, it has to be User Environment Management (UEM)! Kidding… Tracey Mustacchio, CMO here at RES, recently posted a blog on UEM that got me thinking about summer and UEM (also known as workspace management, user virtualization, « Read More

RES ONE Automation 2015 Now Available

July 28, 2015

On behalf of the RES Product Management Team, I am honored to announce the release of RES ONE Automation 2015. It has taken our committed R&D, engineering and QA teams 18 months of hard work, and I can’t wait for all of our customers to download and install this important « Read More

To Agility, Security and Beyond – Insight from the RES Customer Advisory Board

July 23, 2015

At the Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit I heard that “83% of CEOs rate agility as the highest requirement for business. But security has been an inhibitor to agility.” At the same time, according to Ovum Research, “93% of the orgs they surveyed were looking to increase or « Read More

Windows 10 and RES – The Past, Present and Future Workspace

July 17, 2015

With Windows 10 (so far) on schedule, IT leaders will increasingly be drawn into discussions about when their organizations will move to this new and highly anticipated operating system. We’ve already blogged about the changes that the OS will bring, and the reactions we are hearing from our customers are « Read More

Is UEM Technology a Destination – Or Much More?

July 15, 2015

RES had its start over 15 years ago when our Founder and CTO, Bob Janssen, had the idea to fix some big gaps in the way desktop technology platforms deal with their users. Basically… How Does IT Make Changes To Desktop Technologies Without Disrupting The People Who Use Them? I « Read More

RES ONE Service Store 2015 is Now Available!

July 10, 2015

As you may have heard from Bob and Al in their video, we have renamed our solutions and unified them under the umbrella, RES ONE (BTW, it is now pronounced REZ and not R-E-S.). On Monday, July 6th, we released the first of our updated solutions, RES ONE Service Store « Read More

A Seat at the Table: Better IT Service Delivery for Better Patient Care

July 8, 2015

I’ve learned that one of the aspirations many healthcare IT leaders have is to earn a seat at the table. What table? I’m talking about the business table – where business decisions are made. In other words, most healthcare IT organizations want to make the transition from back-office technical support « Read More

IT Must Take a Leap of Faith into the Future of Digital Workplaces

June 16, 2015

Today, I am in Orlando at the Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit and if I could summarize this year’s theme it would be the call for a “New Tomorrow”. One that offers a new normal for IT with increased business alignment, greater agility and less control. Yes that « Read More